Who is the GDAAY team?

Clinical Psychologist and Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Mental health professionals assist in the assessment and treatment of gender dysphoria including eligibility and readiness for physical treatment. They will also screen for coexisting mental health concerns and provide supportive psychotherapy for youth and their families if warranted or appropriate.


Pediatric Endocrinologist and Endocrine Nurse Clinician

The pediatric endocrine team members prescribe and manage hormone therapy including education and ongoing follow up of children and adolescents on hormone blockers or replacement therapy.


Adolescent Gynecologist

For assistance with stopping monthly periods and early discussion on fertility preservation options.

Why see the GDAAY team?

The GDAAY team offers coordinated and integrated care for youth along the spectrum of gender dysphoria. We provide youth and their families with supportive services including assessment and treatment.